Fair Use Policy


Under the premise of complying with national laws, in order to ensure service quality and fairness to all users,Infinite Speed ​​has established a series of fair use policies (AUP) for users, which limits the content and behavior of hosting

Users must adhere to fair use policies when using Infinite Speed ​​services or products. If the user violates the rules defined by AUP,Infinite Speed ​​will handle the situation by notifying rectification, warning, suspension of service, termination of service, claim for compensation, and legal liability according to the severity of the incident.

Illegal use

All services and products must not be used for illegal purposes, and the dissemination, distribution, hosting, linking to content prohibited by any law or regulation is prohibited

Prohibited content

Pornography, gambling, promoting violence, spreading viruses and Trojans, as well as any content that violates the laws of Myanmar and the United States

Prohibited Uses

If you violate the following terms, we have the right to suspend or terminate the service without notice and assume no responsibility. Infinite Speed ​​reserves the right to take appropriate action against users who constitute an offence. :

  • VPS below 30Mbps port is prohibited from building various agents, including but not limited to 55 / 55R / v2ry and so on.
  • DDoS, CC and other attacks
  • Port scan
  • Bot net
  • Tor node
  • Public Agent Services
  • Public DNS resolution
  • Hola VPN node
  • Adult porn Frisbee
  • Illegal downloads and piracy
  • Kloxo panel
  • Video chat (for example, Camfrog, visahat)
  • Live video, online movie
  • Torrents、BT
  • Usenet
  • About virtual currency (xx coins) mining
  • Hentai At Home
  • Facebook capture, crawl
  • IP spoofing
  • Counterfeit Brand Websites
  • Phishing website
  • Distributed computing platform (e.g. World Community Grid, Folding at Home and other types of programs)
  • Prime95
  • Thunder Crystal
  • Net profit website
  • Online attack (ddos, cc) platform
  • Swipe website traffic, click-through rate programs (such as traffic treasure, traffic wizard, HitLeap)
  • Programs like iBusinessPromoter
  • Flow ore
  • Multics, CCcam, or other ID, account, sharing program
  • China Game Server Exchange Forum
  • Use our IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) to evade bans and rules of IRC or forums
  • Child pornography
  • Easypanel panel
  • qemu virtual machine
  • Firefox browser
  • Any GUI desktop
  • Open VPN
  • net_speeder/finalspeed/kcptun

  • Mail fair use rules

    Does not prohibit mass mailing allowed by law, but has zero tolerance for spam

    Rules for fair use of hardware resources

    The hardware environment of virtual server (VPS) products is based on the principle of fair sharing, and users must not continue to occupy a large amount of hardware resources (such as running software that consumes a large amount of hardware resources, continuous performance testing, etc.)

    Reasonable use of network resources

    Except for special instructions, the network of all services and products is based on the principle of fair sharing. Users must not continue to occupy a lot of network resources (such as running BitTorrent, traffic ore, etc.) and use acceleration software such as FinalSpeed. Except for users who purchase independent bandwidth or independent server

    Ddos attack processing method

    When a (D) DoS attack is encountered, the IP addresses of related services or products will be pulled and cleaned. The first attack will cancel the traction 24 hours after the attack is stopped, and the second attack will cancel the traction 72 hours after the attack has stopped. Frequent attacks may cause related services or products to be suspended or terminated. If a user conducts a DDoS attack, the related service or product will be suspended immediately until the user checks and fixes the problem. If external attacks frequently occur, the related service or product will be immediately terminated.

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