Mobile cloud solution

Mobile cloud solution applications provide application performance and flexible application virtualization. By deploying a mobile cloud platform (dual-machine hot backup to ensure real-time online services), the central management of mobile access is achieved. Safe and smooth access to various application software on the server from mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and anywhere!新。


Problems facing the mobile cloud

Access latency
Access latency is an important issue for mobile cloud deployments, which is intolerable for services and applications with high real-time requirements.

It is required that the server where the application itself is located is stable and fast, and can quickly respond to and receive user terminal data requests to complete fast access.

Providing seamless roaming and services between heterogeneous networks is a challenge.

As a provider of mobile cloud computing services, while providing massive applications to computing, how to ensure the quality of cloud services is also one of the issues facing users.

Solution Architecture Deployment

Advantages of mobile cloud services

Load balancing

Expand application system to improve application access quality

Flexible expansion

A secure computing environment is efficient, convenient, and reliable

High-quality network

Easy access to apps to get data fast

save costs

Save costs and easily handle mobile cloud deployments

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